preparing to sell


Preparing your Home to Sell!!!
There are things you can do in preparation of listing your home for sale.  Using an analogy that most of us can better relate to, I will compare this to selling your car.  Although you may have a very clean automobile, when it is time to sell or trade it, many of us will then "detail" the car, really deep-cleaning and then applying  a lustrous coat of wax. It works the same with homes.  Listed below are some helpful hints to get you started.  Your Forestwood agents are also happy to visit weeks (or months) prior to your targeted listing date to offer some suggestions on what to do in your home for minimal or no expense, that will make your home more salable! This is a free service to our customers. 

20 Hints to Help You Sell:

  1. Curb appeal is very important! A well-manicured lawn and neatly clipped shrubs will create a positive first impression.  A pot of flowers always brightens the porch!
  2. Paint your home if the exterior is flaking, cracking, peeling or fading.  Remember to touch up shutters and the front door. 
  3. Check roof and gutters.  Repair, replace or paint as needed.
  4. Keep walkways and steps free of leaves, ice and snow.
  5. Repair broken steps or rotted boards on the porch or deck.
  6. Patch any cracks in concrete or asphalt.
  7. Repair any dripping faucets in kitchens and bathrooms.
  8. Remove any stains from sinks, tubs and toilet bowls.  Unclog slow-moving drains.
  9. Wash windows, replacing any broken panes or screens.  Make sure that all windows open and close.
  10. Locate the cause of any ceiling stains.  After repair of problem, repair or re-paint the ceiling.
  11. Clean out closets.  Buyers always check for adequate storage!
  12. If doors stick, rub a block of paraffin on the surface edge.  If a sliding door, rub tracks with paraffin or WD40.
  13. Clean out basement, attic and garage.  Dispose of unnecessary items; pack or neatly stack others.
  14. Turn on porch light and outdoor lighting in the evening.
  15. Neat rooms appear larger; remove any clutter.  Keep curtains and shades open to let in sunlight.  This too will  make rooms appear larger.
  16. Remove things from kitchen and bathroom countertops; this will make your rooms appear more spacious.
  17. Sofl-playing music or a fire in the fireplace can create a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere during showings.
  18. Take your pet outside when your home is being shown. Even a friendly pet can scare away a buyer with allergies.
  19. If somesone asks to see your home without an agent present, refer him to your Realtor for an appointment.  This is what your agent is being paid for! Keep safe...don't bring an un-accompanied buyer into your home!
  20. Don't tag along when an agent is showing your home.  Buyers feel uncomfortable looking at closet and cupboard space if the owner is at their heels.  Give them "space" to take their time and  mentally move in!  Their agent will seek you out or call your agent later if the Buyers have any questions for you.