Preparing to buy!

 Buying a home! One of the most exciting experiences in your life!  At Forestwood Realty, we appreciate the opportunity to assist you as you embark on your search for your new home. Whether it is your first "starter" home or a "move up" home, we are here to help.
In order to make this as smooth a process as possible, we offer the following steps for you to follow as you begin your search for that "Dream Home".  And remember, as a Purchaser you will NOT be paying any commissions or fees to have the services of a Realtor, if you are represented by Forestwood Realty!

  • Obtain free copies of your credit report from Order reports from Equifax, Experian and Transunion and review them for any errors.  Obtain all 3, as the information on them may vary.
  • Rectify any errors that you find on credit reports, as they are impacting on your credit score and your ability to obtain a loan & purchase a home.
  • Pay down your current credit card debt or other loans!
  • Continue to  save money towards your home purchase.
  • Gather your financial information (i.e., pay stubs, bank statements, tax records for the past 2 years) in preparation for your appointment with your lender.
  • Obtain a Pre-Approval Certificate from the Lender where you plan to obtain your mortgage loan.
  • Give some thought to the cities or neighborhoods where you'd like to live.
  • Establish your list of "needs" vs. "wants" for your new home.
  • Establish a  working relationship with a qualified Realtor. Find someone whose credentials and reputation are stellar and that you feel comfortable working with. 
  • Let the fun begin!  You & your agent are a team; don't go "flying solo" when you househunt. Make sure that your agent accompanies you on all showings!